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Spectacular debut of the Aci Sport 2024 Italian Drifitng Championship. An exciting race took place in Prato at the Fiera Park in Viale Marconi, on 27 and 28 April, which involved and amazed the public present. The conditions were all there with high level registered drivers including  two Swiss drivers from Toyota Gazoo Racing Swizerland.
Practice and free practice and qualifying began on Saturday under a light rain that did not deter the public. At the end of qualifying in the Pro 2 category the pole man was Stefano Maniscalco on a BMW E36 and in the Pro category the Swiss Yves Meyer on a Toyota Supra A90.
The 2024 Italian Street Open Challenge race took place on Sunday morning, dedicated to entry level cars, with the winner of round 1 of this category being the driver Alessandro Narisi, on a BMW E46, in second place Palazzetti Manuel on a BMW and in third place place Alessandro Margoni on BMW Compact.

From the early afternoon we entered the hot phase with the twin drift challenges of the Cat. Pro2, which saw Ivan Savignani on the top step of the podium on the BMW E30 V8, the debutant Negri Carlo on the Mazda Mx5 in second place and the third port of Stellino Marco on a BMW E46 with a 2jz engine.

Followed by the battles between the riders of the main category, the Pro class, which were hard fought and of a high level. After the sixteenth and eighth, we reached the final phase with the 4 drivers who managed to win the direct clashes foreseen by the scoreboard derived from the qualifications.
The Swiss Meyer Yves prevails and wins on a Toyota Supra A90, in second place is Landolfi Michele on a BMW E36 powered by a Toyota 2jz and in third place is Alex Gritti on a turbocharged BMW E36.

The Organizer of the event, supported by the patronage of the Municipality of Prato and Aci Prato, congratulated all the participating pilots at the end of the event, underlining the perfect success of the event thanks to the positive synergies implemented to achieve this excellent result.

Now everyone is working for the next stage of the Championship which will be on 1 and 2 June 2024 in Chignolo Po (Pavia) at the Circuito Le Colline.

Overall standings after Round 1

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